Massage & Formation en Massage Thaïlandais et Gua Sha Thaï à Bruxelles

Massage & Formation en Massage Thaïlandais et Gua Sha Thaï à Bruxelles


Thai Gua Sha Workshop - Given in English

What is Gua Sha ?

The Thaï Gua Sha massage is a knowledge and therapeutic potential midway between the energetic and the physical body.
It relieves pain, by gently dislodging toxins from the body through a call for air from the skin.
It uses a special tool and applies to points or routes of Chinese meridians.

Approaching Gua Sha

Gua Sha is probably one of the least well known techniques in Europe, the most visually stunning, the most effective in the moment and in its duration. It is an ancient healing technique, born in China and spread throughout South East Asia: Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, ...
It is part of the traditional medicine or medicine of the people of each of these countries.

Gua Sha Massage (here in its Thai version) can help relieve significantly or definitively the most common physical pains or physiological ailments . The skin is oiled beforehand, then use a smooth-edged instrument made of buffalo horn water to smooth "GUA" specific areas of the body. At each imbalance, pain corresponds to a special Gua Sha treatment or protocol.

By specifically painting or smoothing the skin, using a special tool, the "SHA" will express itself on the surface of the skin or more exactly under the skin in the form of "petechiae"; red, purple or mauve colorations. In Asia, the "SHA" is considered as the expression of toxins with different degrees of evolution, heat excesses or the presence of congestions.

The micro-circulation increases by more than 300%, a "special gua sha" body cleaning program starts and will evacuate or recycle all this dust, waste that encumber the smooth functioning of tissues and the body.

Formation's goal

This training in gua sha thai offers you in a first cycle (8 modules) to acquire a mini kit in traditional Thai medicine. It will allow you to relieve, often drastically, not less than 40 most common physical or invisible pain.


When "SHA" appears on the surface of the skin, it leaves more or less important traces, red, purple or blue, depending on the importance of the rise of toxins by blood capillaries. While this may seem impressive, on the other hand it is absolutely not irritating or aggressive.

This has nothing to do with bruises, bruises or haemorrhage, the skin never being hurt or opened. In people with vegetarian diet, traces may disappear before the end of treatment or the same day. Most of the time, the "Sha" disappears completely within 2 to 7 days maximum.

It is one of the best complementary techniques to help the body to detoxify in general; sometimes very old pains or poisonings in a really record time.

Cycle 1 program in thai gua sha

Module 1 is essential to access the other modules.
Modules 2, 3 and 4 are independent. So you can choose!

Module 1 : Initiation

In this first module, after a brief history, you will learn to:
- take charge of the tool and maintain it.
- use the tool and smooth in 3 different ways the skin.
- locate the "Sha with the naked eye" and make it come out easily.
- organize and apply a gua sha treatment in a real situation.

- apply the basic protocol n ° 1: reboost of the body, stimulation of the reflex zones and SHU points of the back.
- apply the protocol n ° 2: improvement of the energetic circulation and the digestion.

Hours: 9h to 17h
Date: checking schedule
Price : 200 € (syllabus included)
The special tool gua sha thai is to take with the trainer, it will serve for all modules. All tools are available throughout the duration of the workshop.

Module 2 : Relief of general or chronic pains

Program Upper Body
- Protocol of the neck and shoulders.
- Protocol of the periarthritis of the shoulder.
- Protocol of tendonitis of the elbow.
- Carpal tunnel protocol, if the schedule allows.
- Extra protocol: massage gua sha facial (light, no sha).

Hours: 9h to 17h
Date: checking schedule
Price: 225 € (syllabus included)

Module 3 : Relief of general or chronic pains

Program Lower body

- Protocol Lumbar pain, hips and sciatic nerve.
- Chronic Chronic Pain Protocol.
- Tendonitis protocol of the ankle.
- Short protocol for relieving chronic constipation, if the schedule allows.

Hours: 9h to 17h
Date: checking schedule
Price: 225€ (syllabus included)

Module 4 : Relief of general or chronic pains

Program Invisible pains
- Protocol of chronic migraines.
- Protocol for the relief of mental stress and anxiety.
- Chronic sinusitis protocol.
- Extra tinnitus protocol if time permits.

Hours: 9h to 17h
Date: checking schedule
Price: 225 € (syllabus included)

Useful information

Mandatory prerequisites: to be of age and in good health. Agree to have marks on the skin until 7 days after the course. Payment for this course is subject to this clause.

Where: 28, rue Maes - 1050 Brussels.

Parking: in the streets or on the place Fernand Cocq (paying)

Public transport: Tram 81 (Place Flagey) Bus 38, 59, 60, 71 (Place Flagey) Bus 38, 60 (rue Malibran) Bus 71, 54 (Place Fernand Cocq).

Or 10 minutes walk from the Porte de Namur metro station (direct connection with Gare du Midi).